Little tools to create Big leads



Jason Miller provides a brilliant 10-step post at Social Media Examiner on how to use Slide Share to maximise your content creation and converting your efforts into meaningful leads. Following is a brief summary of his suggestions:

1. You’re an expert on something. Base your presentation on your particular area of expertise.

2. Word your heading wisely. This will entice time-poor readers to click on your slide and actually read all of it.

3. Write the content with SEO in mind.

4. Implement the slide across all your social media channels.

5. Plan all marketing and promotional foundational elements of the slide to leverage all possibilities; communicate the publishing of the slide with all creative departments in the business.

6. Make the slide impactful, use it more than once, across various platforms on and off –line.

7. Look for ways to repurpose current content into a Slide Share presentation.

8. Upgrade to a Pro Account to make use of Slide Share’s Analytical tools.

9. Say Yes: Embed the lead generation form. This form pops up at the end of your presentation so interested consumers can enter their details to find out more about you.

10. Embed your Slide Share presentations into your personal LinkedIn profile.

Please click on this link: for the full article by Jason Miller.



On March 13, 2013, founder and CEO of Wired Advisor Stephanie Sammons used Hubspot as an example of a company using their LinkedIn company page to encourage “a consistent flow of leads”.

Sammons cites Hubspot’s success as identifying the most popular marketing offers and asking their networks to recommend their software programs.

It is important to mention here that any social media networking and tactics need to be part of an overall and integrated communications and marketing plan. In other words, don’t view social media networking or channels as the strategy; they are simply the avenues in which to implement tactics. The strategy provides the business direction, objectives, budget, timeline and activities that combine and are able to be measured.

Check out Sammons full article here:

Continuing with LinkedIn to generate leads, Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner posts a podcast interview with Sammons on March 1. 2013 that provides more in-depth information about generating leads through LinkedIn. Here’s the link:

Some of the highlights are:

1. Think of LinkedIn as the professional version of Facebook. Create a rich personal profile page. Keep your page current and up-to-date.

2. Be consistent and create content regularly in order to stay in people’s minds and create a profile of being a thought leader.

3. Don’t sell, promote or market to people. Build relationships with your peers and network. Everyone is time-poor; make sure you provide content your network will want to invest time in reading.

4. Spend 10 minutes each day on LinkedIn. Your network needs to be exposed to you more than seven times to consider you as a professional. Make sure, however, that you contribute with a purpose in mind, not just for the sake of it. Make sure you are actually saying something of value to your network.

5. Keep your total network to less than 500.

6. Consider self-service ad programs.


If you’ve got something to say, a story to tell and expert information to share, blogging is a effective way in which to share and to build networks. I strongly suggest David Meerman Scott’s book The New Rules of Marketing & PR. How to use social media, blogs, news releases, online video, and viral marketing to reach buyers directly, published through John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

The NROM and PR Scotts book

Scott presents easy-to-read and apply information about digital marketing and how to engage consumers. He passionately guides the reader into desiging a content-rich strategy to build connections and relationship. In fact, the content of this book was originally part of his blog; overwhelming comments made him think he should publish his posts into a book format.

I almost read the book cover-to-cover in one sitting. It is insightful, inspiring and timely.

To find out more about Scott or purchase his book, check out this link:

Thanks for reading my post I hope these small steps and tools bring you some meaningful, valueable leads. And if any of these tactics work, please keep me posted or if you have any other comments or opinions of what has and hasn’t worked for you please comment and share. I’d love to hear from you.


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